About Us

The Smile New York Outreach program, through our affiliated dentists and other dental professionals, visits kids in the familiar surroundings of their schools, bringing much needed dental care to kids who may not otherwise have access.

Smile New York Outreach is devoted to the ideal that all children deserve high-quality dental care. We embrace and support the various initiatives throughout the State of New York to improve the health of children, including greater access to dental care in schools.

For parents, this eliminates issues like taking time off work and arranging transportation to get their kids to and from the dentist. For educators, this means fewer children miss school due to dental pain, keeping students in school and learning.

Our in-school dental health teams are composed of licensed local dentists who are assisted by licensed dental hygienists and/or certified dental assistants. These professionals are experts in their fields and are dedicated to giving children the best of care with kindness and compassion.